….from a Long Night, We Wake Up!

It has happened! The COVID – 19 Pandemic has changed this world already. We have surpassed the ‘Point of No Return’, which means that nothing can ever go back to how it was before this Pandemic hit us, everyone will have to pick up at the endpoint and take it from there to start an entirely new chapter of their lives.

I know we are still trying to salvage whatever we can from this fire, but the truth is, no matter what and how much we manage to salvage, its tainted now, and the sooner we accept this the better it will be for us, so we can move on and get to creating a brand new tomorrow. Even the biggest of economies have been failing the test of this new challenge. People have changed, lives and relationships, financial and social situations have changed, what was perceived important yesterday, today its demand has changed. But now is the time to rise to the occasion and help contribute in rebuilding falling economies. History has witnessed our kind to be a survivor. We fall, we break and we resurrect from our own ashes like is a Phoenix on an Egyptian pyramid. So, let’s not wait to be rescued by the likes of the governments, politicians or even globally united organizations, let’s not wait for them to fail us again, let’s not be at their mercy again. Let’s wake up and see the world for what it is and trust our instincts and nature to support our forthcoming endeavors.

We have made speeches and written in golden ink the promises to leave this world better then we found it, to do whatever it takes to have our children inherit a greener planet. Can we finally follow up on that please? Now that we have been forced by fate to change can we make good on our promises after all? Wouldn’t it be nice to not be a disappointing generation to these generation z and generation alpha? Being an elder millennial, all I have witnessed is me and my kind spending a better part of our semi-miserable lives compensating for the inaccuracies of generation previous to ours. Tell me please, oh pretty please that you want to break this barbaric cycle as much as I do. Tell me you are tired of it too.

Tell me you are finally ready wake up!


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