7 AMs of Spring!

A beautiful blend of subtle sunshine and cool moist breeze….
A visual overview of the colors, fresh Green and calm Blue with a bit of pink, white and magenta blossoms thrown in….
A Symphony, of nature’s children making their morning call mixed with a melody 🎶 by Ariana Grande , Jessie J & Nikki Minaj in my neighborhood….
Beautiful does not even begin to describe what God created in the name of Nature….
The sight from my bedroom window literally forced me to wake up early on a Sunday morning even though I had a late Saturday night….
Here I am taking a moment a clicking a memory picture of such mornings as they are rare luxury for us in Canada….

I hope we are blessed with an even better summer this year!






I have things to say, things to share,

A life to live, a life to share,

Love to give, and ideas to share….

and here’s where I chose to do it.

With every moment we live, a chapter of life unfolds itself, we all have different ways to look at it, analyse and accept / reject it….

I wish to share my perspective….

I hope to find ones that relate, hope to find ones that don’t,

hope to find ones that debate, and a few that chose to do none….