Growing Up? or Growing Old?


Growing up is kinda like, yet not necessarily similar to Growing old? Hmm…. who cares? A diamond stays a diamond no matter how old, wine only gets better with age and like someone extremely wise and very very great named Rihanna once said “Shine Bright like a Diamond” and I am going to take their word for it.

It was my Birthday past weekend and I turned 31 🙂
And even though it’s a social norm to not particularly like to grow up/ grow old I however, am lovin’ it….
Some even say I was born old, like not a very literal but still a subtly curious case of Benjamin Button
#LoL #ThatCouldBeRight #IKnowWhatYouSaidLastWeekend *Wink Wink*

I mean, how can I not love it? Getting to really know Yourself without being overwhelmed by raging hormones and that emotional rugby match playing in your mind that almost never did let you think straight.

When after years and years of filtering things and people that may or may not be good for you to the ones that are Really good for you….

When there is rarely a memory you wouldn’t wanna keep and where every moment spent with them is a picture worth capturing….

It was my Birthday past weekend and I turned 31 🙂
And, while everyone else can still decide how they feel about growing up, I plan to stay an Eternal Optimist and focus on the Most Beautiful part of it….

Thank you Everyone for your lovely Birthday wishes and blessings!!!!


Happy Women’s Day!

The concept of a ‘Strong Woman’ is beyond my understanding.
Strength is a key ingredient of the very foundation of Femininity. What made anyone think anything otherwise? Women are strong and courageous by default, it’s a XX’ chromosome pairing thing.

So let’s Celebrate the Fire in you and me,

lets celebrate the Strength that we are,

let’s celebrate Who we want ourselves to be,

and continue to be the Excellence at par….

Happy Women’s Day Everyone!!!!



….Tis’ that time of the year!!!!

Waking up to a crisp cold and bright sunny winter’s morning.
Followed by a quick breakfast and a long drive to the North of Ontario….
A small hike in the woods of the Township of Tay….
Tour to the wonderful wildlife centre just a hop, skip and jump away from the Sainte Marie among the Hurons. Highlight of the tour?…. feeding the birds, what an amazing experience…..

After dusk, when the stars decide to show up and sky is clear, just before the moon made an appearance in the north western sky, the First Light at the Sainte Marie starts….
Six Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy candles were lit to Celebrate the Beginning of the Spirit of Christmas 🎄
Songs of Celebrations of the Birth of the Messiah were sung by the moving Choir, the voice of an angel danced on the melodious sound of the Harp, the Merry French Men made us join them in some French singing….
The set up had several establishments that had multiple activities planned for the kids and adults, to participate in, like making snowman, personalizing handmade season greeting cards by writing messages old style with ink and quils (the greeting cards were made by the students of the local elementary school), making handmade jewelry and decorative items to put up on Christmas trees.
Some had the blacksmiths demonstrating their skills and ways of making tools in the days before the industrial revolution, some had the french men telling stories of their ancient ancestry and how the town and it’s rich cultural heritage came into existence, some had the artisans carve beautiful ice sculptures that further enhanced the beauty of the set up and many more….
In the time between stepping out of one establishment and entering another, I looked up to the sky that was so clear and with the air so pure, I observed that the number of visible stars was more than triple the amount of stars seen in the city on a night of no moon and clouds. I was simply mesmerized by the beauty of it….
Hot Chocolate with marshmallows sweetened the experience, bonfires kept us warm on this cold night….
Ending the wonderful experience with scrumptious meal at the French Cafe while listening to the local band of female musicians playing amazing fusion music….
What a beautiful way to start the Celebration of Christmas this year….
The First Light of the Sainte Marie among the Hurons with 5000 candles is an event I would recommend to friends and family….
Tis a blessing to witness beauty at its finest and all this in the name of Christmas!

Wish You all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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First Light 2


First Light 3


7 AMs of Spring!

A beautiful blend of subtle sunshine and cool moist breeze….
A visual overview of the colors, fresh Green and calm Blue with a bit of pink, white and magenta blossoms thrown in….
A Symphony, of nature’s children making their morning call mixed with a melody 🎶 by Ariana Grande , Jessie J & Nikki Minaj in my neighborhood….
Beautiful does not even begin to describe what God created in the name of Nature….
The sight from my bedroom window literally forced me to wake up early on a Sunday morning even though I had a late Saturday night….
Here I am taking a moment a clicking a memory picture of such mornings as they are rare luxury for us in Canada….

I hope we are blessed with an even better summer this year!